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Woods I've Used
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Many people ask where the woods I've used actually come from.  Here's a listing of most of those I've used for bowls, their formal names (when I could find them!) and their origination:

Box Elder   North America
Bubinga  Guibourtia demeusi Africa
Butternut Juglans cinerea North America
Cherry Prunus serotina North America
Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa Central America
Dzlam   Africa
Elm Ulmus americana North America
Hickory Carva spp. North America
Oak Quercus alba North America
Lacewood Cardwellia sublimis Australia
Mahogany Khaya ivorensis Africa
Maple Acer saccharinum North America
Mulberry (Red) North America
Myrtle Umbellularia Californica North America
Narra Pterocarpus Borneo
Padauk Pterocarpus dalbergiodes India
Pecan   North America
Purpleheart Peltogyne paniculata South America
Rosewood Dalbergia stever sonji Central America
Walnut Juglans higra North America
Wenge Milletia laurentii South America
Yellowheart Euxylophora paraensis Central America
Zebrawood Cynometra Africa