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Period Appropriate are hats made to look the same as those from a particular period.

Period Correct are hats made in totally in the same manner as those in a particular period.



This is Adrienne's logo hat and is not for sale, but she will create replicas in various colors for$225 (and in your exact hat size!



I can use factory dyed straw and felt, but usually hand dye my hats, so most outfits can be at least closely matched or complemented.  Pricing is driven by both costs of materials and trims, and time spent creating your hat.



Period Appropriate:

Straw - $150 and up

Felt - $225 and up


Period Correct:

Straw - $300 and up

Felt - $375 and up



$225 and up


Antique and Special:

Straw - $90 and up

Felt - $125 and up


Please contact me for detailed pricing to meet your millinery needs!)


Talks or presentations on hats and hat making for your group - $50 if local

(Please contact me by email for further information and detailed prices for more distant locations.)