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Many women ask what hat would be right for them.  There are a few simple guidelines that will help you determine what is best for your face shape:

OVAL: Streamline shapes, worn forward, square or round crowns, brims swept up on the side(s) or back.

ROUND: Medium or small brims, neat styles, worn forward or on a jaunty slant Asymmetrical brims will lessen the roundness. profile brims, varied sizes.

LONG: Medium to wide brims, worn straight or forward Sharp, straight styles These straight brim styles "cut" the length appearance of your face.

SQUARE: Large brims with soft lines, upturned brims, round crowns or curved edge square crowns.

WIDE: Off the face styles, bretons, (upturned brims) pillboxes worn back These will add "lift".

HEART: Asymmetrical designs, Square or round crowns tilted to one side, Profile hats and brims with soft curves.

Still not sure what your face shape is?

Look at your face in the mirror. With bar soap, trace the shape of your face directly onto the mirror ... Now stand back and observe "objectively."


I am available to give talks or presentations on hats and hat making for your group.  Typically a fee of $50 is required if local - please contact me by email for further information and prices for more distant locations.