An ensemble without a hat is just an outfit!

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Why wear a Hat?  There's two different reasons to wear one -


When the wind picks up and leaves dance their fall frenetic dance its great to have a warm coat, scarf and yes, a hat!  We wear hats to keep us warm.

When the unexpected occasion arises at the last minute and we have no time to wash and restyle our hair a hat is the best solution.  We wear hats to look better!

Youíre at the beach and donít want your scalp to burn or your $90.00 hair-color to lighten - yes you put on a hat. Youíve got to weed, mulch, and fertilize your gardens and the sun is beating down unmercifully you reach for your hat.  We wear hats to protect our hair and skin.

These are the reasons we wear hats but there are many more occasions that we wear hats that have to do with our self-confidence and sense of style.


You are going to an outdoor wedding and perhaps donít want to buy a new dress. You wear your old faithful but add something new to give a different look - a great hat. We wear hats to look different.

You want to go to church and show respect so you dress it up a bit with a coat and hat that coordinate. We wear hats to show respect.

You like attending outdoor events tennis matches, soccer games, horse shows. Your wearing your usual kaki pants, black T-shirt and clogs you want to give the look a little zing you don a sheik understated hat. We wear hats to stand out in a crowd!

We have reasons to wear hats all the time and donít realize it. So why settle for the factory knock-offs that are sold at the discount department stores.  They donít fit, they look cheap, and the colors donít usually coordinate with our clothing colors. Expect more get more - buy a handmade hat. Once you have one you will wear it over and over again. Remember an ensemble without a hat is just and outfit!!!