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Nature has very few straight lines, yet us humans continually create things with them alone.  Our furniture, homes, decks, etc., mostly consist of straight lines and right angle corners. Turning to me is combining contours and shapes with nature's help.  I really enjoy making bowls.  Many creative woodturners regularly make objects that are very different than mine; some that don't appear to be turned at all.  I prefer making ones that are relatively simple and pure in shape, and attempt to highlight the natural beauty of the wood I'm working with.  I use clear finishes with high satin finishes, usually a wiping varnish or wax

I try to plant more hardwood trees than I harvest and I attempt to harvest downed trees from construction, storms or disease as much as possible. I only use imported wood from environmentally responsible sources, or certified by the country of origin. 

The bowl in this photo is Canadian big-leaf maple burl.  Since it was very moist when I received it, I had to let it cure for a while before attempting to work with it.  Super glue applied to the deadwood areas allowed me to turn a relatively thin-walled bowl that has become the permanent trophy of a seven country club golf tournament, benefiting a local high school booster's club.  My brother-in-law, Joel LaFerriere (past president of Howard County Woodworker's Guild), crafted the walnut base.

I'm a professional member of the American Association of Woodturners, and also a current President of the Mid-Maryland Woodturner's Club.  I've had articles published on woodturning in the U. S. and Ireland.  I offer instruction on a customized, one-on-one basis for those interested in turning.  Please contact me by email or phone for further information.

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