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An ensemble without a hat is just an outfit!

Many people ask me how I got interested in designing and making hats. I began sewing some of my own clothing when I was a teenager.  More recently, but still several years ago, I became interested in genealogy.  During one of my Internet genealogy searches, I found a website that showed how to make a historical dress - an Edwardian tea dress. In order to get the complete look, I needed an appropriate hat.  When I began looking for one, I was  surprised at how expensive the good ones were and became intrigued with how they were made.  I thought I could get some millinery instruction and make one for myself.  Voila!  That's how I got started.

I have done a lot of research on the web, read every book I could find on the subject, and taken classes from a professional milliner. My need for crown and brim hat blocks led to my husbandís getting some new 'toys' and making hand turned wooden bowls. So what started as my hobby is what prompted him to discover a talent he'd never thought he had. 

I'm always just an email away and love to answer questions and share comments about hats!








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